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Get Married at Seton Hill

Welcome to St. Joseph Chapel at Seton Hill University, the setting that you have chosen for your wedding. We understand that you would like this very special ceremony to take place at the university that has meant so much to you.  


The opportunity to be married in St. Joseph Chapel is extended to Seton Hill University and LECOM at Seton Hill alumni, students, and employees.  The following guidelines have been formulated to aid you in planning your wedding. 


St. Joseph Chapel is a Catholic house of worship. The presence of a Catholic priest is required for the marriage ceremony.  Either the bride or groom must be Catholic and both must be canonically free to marry. The celebration of marriage needs to conform to the laws and policies of the Vatican and the Diocese of Greensburg. 

Diocesan Requirements

Ordinarily, Catholic marriages are celebrated in a parish church. Marriages celebrated outside a parish church are exceptions and require permission from the bridal couple's home parish priest at least six months before the intended wedding date. In order to be married legally within the Catholic Church, it is necessary to complete marriage forms required by the Diocese. All other Marriage Preparation such as Engaged Encounter, Evening for the Engaged and FOCCUS are to be completed before the Celebration of Marriage takes place. Documentation of completion is required.

Reserving the Chapel 

To determine the availability of the Chapel for a desired wedding date and time, please contact Carol Billman at 724-838-4204. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Verbal reservations by telephone will be held temporarily for three weeks from the date of the telephone conversation.  Reservations are confirmed when a completed Priest Officiate Form, Preliminary Marriage Reservation Form and payment are received by the alumni office.

Weddings may be celebrated on Saturdays between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Only one wedding per weekend will be scheduled. The Chapel is unavailable during holidays, University functions and breaks.


Within two weeks of reserving the desired date, the bridal couple should submit the required forms with payment.

 Reservations are confirmed by email upon payment receipt. 

Officiating Priest 

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to engage a priest for the ceremony as soon as the wedding date is reserved. It is best to find a priest to officiate at your wedding prior to booking Saint Joseph Chapel, which enables you to coordinate his schedule with your wedding date.  In order to find a priest please check with your home parish or ask friends or relatives for suggestions.  Seton Hill does not maintain a list of available priests.

The duties and responsibilities of the officiating priest are outlined on the form to be signed by him.  In addition, the officiating priest needs to be in contact with the wedding registry at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Greensburg to ensure all diocesan requirements are met.  The stipend for the services of the priest is the responsibility of the couple.  It is not included in the Chapel fee and should be paid directly to the priest. If a Mass is included with the wedding, the University wedding coordinator will arrange for a Sacristan. The fee for the Sacristan is included in the Chapel fee.


Cancellation of confirmed wedding dates should be made in writing. If a cancellation is received more than six months in advance of the chosen wedding date, one-half of the payment will be refunded. If cancellation is made less than six months before the wedding, the entire Chapel fee will be forfeited.

Marriage License

A valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania marriage license is required.  

Wedding Day

Wedding Rehearsal - The rehearsal should be scheduled with the officiating priest and wedding coordinator at least one month in advance of the wedding. Rehearsals may take place between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the evening prior to the wedding. Rehearsal time is limited to one hour from the time it is scheduled to begin. If the rehearsal is late in starting because of the late arrival of the members of the wedding party, the allotted rehearsal time will be reduced by the amount of time lost.

Wedding Ceremony - Access to the Chapel one hour prior to the ceremony will be available for florist, photographer and videographer set-up.  Rooms for the Bridal Party are available in the Administration Building Parlors. Members of the bridal party may arrive one hour before the ceremony if they wish to dress at Seton Hill. The dressing area should be cleared of all valuable personal property before the ceremony begins. Children in the wedding party are the responsibility of their parents and must be monitored while visiting Seton Hill.


There is an official organist for St. Joseph Chapel. She will work with the bridal couple to determine musical selections for the ceremony. She can also assist in identifying a vocalist and other musicians, if desired.  Only music appropriate to Catholic worship is permitted in the Chapel. 

Fees for the organist, musicians and vocalists are negotiated by the bridal couple and are not included in the Chapel fee.

Chapel Decorations

Floral arrangements are the responsibility of the bridal couple and may be placed on either side of the altar. Pedestals are available upon request. Vases are not available. Because of fire regulations, fresh flowers must be used for the altar area and the use of a unity candle or candelabra is not permitted in the Chapel. Altar candles are provided by the Chapel. A crash or aisle runner is not permitted. No petals or flowers may be strewn and bubbles are not permitted in the Chapel or Administrative Building.


Wedding photographs may be taken in St. Joseph Chapel, the Administration Building Parlors, and the Administration Building lawn prior to the ceremony and for one hour after the ceremony. Permission for photographs and videotaping during the ceremony must be obtained from the officiating priest. 


Members of the wedding party, parents of the bridal couple, elderly family members, and handicapped guests may park in the private gated parking lot next to the Administration Building for the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. Click here for Campus Map.

Directional Signage 

Interior and exterior signage will be handled by the wedding coordinator.

Chapel/University Regulations

Food or drinks are not permitted in the Chapel at any time during the rehearsal or wedding. 

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Seton Hill University premises before, during, and after the wedding.

Smoking or use of any tobacco product is permitted 25 feet from any Seton Hill University campus building.

Seton Hill University does not supply or rent decorations of any kind.

Furniture and other fixtures in the Chapel may only be moved by members of the Seton Hill University Staff.

The lighting, fans, audiovisual & sound system equipment (including microphones) may only be adjusted by members of the Seton Hill University Staff.

Immediately following the ceremony, all personal property must be removed from the Chapel premises.

The University is not responsible for the loss of any items left on the premises.

Throwing rice, confetti, birdseed, or flower petals is not permitted.

St. Joseph Chapel is not air-conditioned. Four university fans are available.

Chapel Address 

For purposes of the wedding invitation, the St. Joseph Chapel address is:

Seton Hill University
One Seton Hill Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601


All questions and concerns can be directed to:

The Office of Alumni Relations c/o Carol Billman

Seton Hill University
One Seton Hill DriveĀ 
Greensburg, PA 15601

Phone: 724-838-4204