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The Immigration Crisis in Europe

A Lecture by NYU Fulbright Visiting Scholar
Dr. Gabi Abramac

Dr. Gabi Abramac holds a Ph.D. degree in Linguistics from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her primary interest is language in society, especially in isolated socio-linguistic enclaves where language and religion are closely interwoven. She is also an expert on foreign language acquisition/ applied linguistics. Dr. Abramac is the executive director of Sokrat Language Institute which she founded in 2000. Her current research focuses on the socio-cultural implications of digital media in Haredi society.

Sponsored By Humanities Division and the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education

This lecture is sponsored as part of Seton Hill University's World Week Events.

For more information, contact:

Wilda Kaylor
Associate Director, National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education
(724) 830-1033


Location: Cecilian Hall, 1 Seton Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA