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The Centennial Campaign for Scholarships

Seton Hill University has long made it possible for students to pursue higher education through scholarship awards.  The generosity of donors has supported the education of thousands of students.  Seton Hill currently leverages more than $23 million in institutional scholarships and financial aid for students.

More than 95 percent of our students receive some type of financial aid.  Almost half of Seton Hill students receiving this assistance are first-generation university students and more than one-third come from low-income families.  It is most important that we continue to provide these students, in particular, with the opportunity of a Seton Hill University liberal arts education—an education shaped in the best tradition of the Sisters of Charity.

Consider establishing an annual or endowed scholarship.  For more information visit our Endowed Scholarship Q&A page or contact, Lisa Carino, Executive Director of External Affairs, 724-838-2409, or by email,